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Expand your artistic ability through poetry and story telling. Poetry has been given new life ever since the inception of hip hop. Relax for a minute and explore your poetic side here.

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Check it

Post by Proverb »

In the mind of a poet deep secrets lie dormant waiting to be revealed/
deep in the crevices of the primordial subconcious lie answers to/
unasked questions, wordless thoughts, unspoken desires/
The poet pours forth a veritable fountain of verbose interludes/
choosing each word carefully to project the perfect mood/
as a painter paints in hues and shades, the poet paints in words/
in verbs and nouns portraying visions of thoughts and feelings
creating a work of art ... a picture can paint a thousand words/
But in the mind of a poet a word can paint a thousand pictures/
to choose just the right word to portray just the right emotion/
to convey just the right thought - this is the art of the poet/
And in the mind of a poet, every word is intracal to the whole/
every single word is seen as neccesary to express the perfect thought/
the perfect meaning, the perfect expression of mind and soul/
In the mind of the poet, the creator is the creation creating the creator/
the poet becomes as a god, creating from darkness and void/
Writing into existence with sentences new creations, bringing new life/
expressing new visions, new revelations, In the beginning was the word/
And the Word was in the Mind of a Poet.
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Re: Check it

Post by thadevious1 »

:lol: haha the end of your piece is pure genious
I'm liking this a lot....
overall a very well put together piece
two thumbs up for this

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Re: Check it

Post by Borat »

this really shows the small elaborate steps a poet takes to make words and our view of reality into a poem. it is a very complex process at times. sometimes it takes me severall years worth of experience to make a single poem that's read in 5 minutes ya know haha but on the real I liked this line the most "The poet pours forth a veritable fountain of verbose interludes/
choosing each word carefully to project the perfect mood/"
real shit man, good work and keep em coming my friend.
I'm often soft like cotton but my message is clear, my words hold weight like "dumbos" ears.

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