Teachings Of A Fallen Angel (spoken word)

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Teachings Of A Fallen Angel (spoken word)

Post by thadevious1 »


Teachings Of A Fallen Angel (spoken word)

Devious riot, crack a skull
Dead bolted, hack a girl
Pieces of you, pieces of me
One whole eternal
Black hole nocturnal
Burn ‘em, slash drowning
Fire to ya shins firing
Liars keep doors open for liars
Inspired by false gods, false actors
Get money, Build to the heaven
Bread you got to eat it
Save up no sequels to a bitch
Life a big bitch waiting to get fucked
G.O.D. we trust
10 virgins drenched in oil for all of us
12 digits I see a call waiting
Heavens been overrated
Hell on earth, like sound systems in the basement
I hop to hip, outclass the classes
Run business technology ya savior
God the machine feeling hatred
A men, the word of many ignorant creatures
Death awaits all regartless

Snake eye watching
Cool cat scratching
Hex on the mind itching
Bless 1 only one just once
Fexed on target
Get into a higher orbit
Get, take, give
Black, white, red
Wine, dine, die
Live, life, cry
High, low, snakes react fast
Snakes will react not to fall
Bite, smile, hide
Dig deeper to see treasure
Hand out to see bigger capers
Monopolize, theorize
Believe strong in the mind
High flyers never asked why
Guided through the mist
The gist of things is to be blessed
Bless ya self first fuck the rest
This holly bullshit is just a damn test

Cold killer forever
Cobra slaying what ever
Heroism retarded wisdom
Ignorant beings like wishing
Darkness all they see in light filled days
Sunray bade, snakes is bait
Hooked to talking shit
Shitty actors best throw another fit
Flex, guess, cuchi, titties, booty
Fat ass needs fucking
Hot hell, cold air
Freezing milky way
Gazing star gazing amazing
Freaky bitch running dry
Desert oil stricken
Fuck a baby mama drama
Fuck a hot ass model
I’m on target, you despise me
I’m fly like you wannabe wannabes
Got trust, got lust, got to fuck
Don’t give a fuck, fuck luck
Calculate, don’t talk, walk the walk
Master mind, sharp minded, shine shining

Take a hand out
Dont take hand outs
Reach for the skys
Reach to realise your prise
Set a goal
Get a cold warmt
Feel the heat within
Heal your own being
Soul searching
Mould into perfection
Satisfy your needs
Glorify your seeds
Reason your way
Season of bright days
King of all you find
I’m a blind guide
9 lives no man buys
Eternal salvation in sight
The call of damnation said goodbye
Heavenly peace I got
Steadily preach why not
Heavenly touch we forgot. Oh my G.O.D.

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Re: Teachings Of A Fallen Angel (spoken word)

Post by Borat »

Interesting... all over the place, I really liked it though, it's almost the process my brain goes thru when I'm trying to create something. I'm going to dig through this section I hope to see another one of your drops, anyways keep writting man.

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Re: Teachings Of A Fallen Angel (spoken word)

Post by Immortal Jav »

i love the thoughts expressed in here good one.

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