50 Cent via the Hot97 interview that we posted yesterday, officially announced that Young Buck is out of G Unit.

Listen to the interview

50 said “You can take this as official notice right here: Pretty much you can say Young Buck is no longer in the group G-unit but signed to G-unit as a solo artist,”

Last week, Bucks manager Sha Money XL, cleared up the speculation that Young Buck never received a royalty check.“I as Bucks manager and as former President of G-Unit Records wants to make clear – that rumor is false, Young Buck has cleared over $10 million from working under 50’s and my guidance.”

50 stated on the show, addressing that particular situation, ““I didn’t say they have $10 million, I said they’ve seen $10 million,” said 50. “What they did with their paper, I don’t know.”

And 50 said “They’re like my younger brothers, but they’ll do shit for attention,”

It’s an interesting situation and we will keep you updated with it.

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