We see the spring as the time of the year when we can be more active, and go to different places and explore the world. It is the time of the year when the warm weather and bright sky spotlights a stage where stylish people can be in style with their collection of spring clothing.

If there’s one addiction that perfectly complements the spring then it’s shopping. Of course, before you go out or you browse products online you need to have an idea of what you should be looking for. Just what do people need and want for their spring clothing? Check the list below:

Think Smart

Staying casual at night, going out to the movies with your spring date is always a good idea.

Remember, spring nights can be pretty cold, and what if your date gets cold, then you need something for them to wear. That’s why you want to think Fleece. It’s calm, casual, and smart, and if you get warm, its not difficult to wrap around your waist. So, brands like Ecko are a good fit.

Bright Colors

It’s the spring and this season cannot be dull, boring and lifeless – so are the clothes that we should should wear. Bright-colored clothes, shirts and dresses as well as accessories are the immortal items of spring. The flashy colors of clothes make you think and definitely feel warmer days.

Yellow, orange or green in bright tones goes along with the mood of the season. It uplifts the spirits of people who see it. Prepare sun glasses, caps, jewelries, socks and leggings that are bright in colors to be in this spring.

Modern Music Icons

Popular musicians also inspire spring clothing trends. Whatever stars like Justin Bieber, Hannah Montana and others wear expect that it will be a trend for the teens. So whether it’s flashy metallic and patent leather or some set of spaghetti strap tops and rugged jeans, expects teens to go gaga over them this spring.

Eminem never claimed to be a fashion expert. But he’s usually representing Nike Clothing. His favorite shoes are the airmaxes, and we can’t blame him because those are some very fly kicks. Nike has been dominating the shoe market for many years, but they keep coming up with clever and fresh looking new designs to keep us interested. Eminem even made a deal with Nike for his own complimentary shoe.

Eco-Friendly Clothing

Everything is going green and clothing is no different. During this time when everyone talks of global warning, environmental problems, pollution etc, the fashion world isn’t keeping a blindfold, instead its doing its part.

A real big hit are clothes made of environmental friendly materials. How do denims and shirts made from purely organic cotton and other environmental friendly materials? These types of clothes are not only fun to wear but are also exciting since wearing them would suggest that you as a human being are doing his part in saving the world. This is why these types of clothing are a hit now just on the spring but for all seasons.

Basic Black and White

It’s classic and timeless. Going back to the basic black and white won’t be fashion crime this spring. It’s simple and can simply go with any color combination. You can expect clothes under this tone to be popular and trendy. The versatility of black and white allows regular get ups to be sophisticated while maintaining to be simple.

Whether, you want the Lebron James is no Michael Jordan debate, or you’re looking for something with a bit less writing. Keeping it simple, sometimes is the best way.

Tribal Inspiration

Tribal prints, outback shades and safari colors are in this coming spring for the simple reason that they spell adventure. Go for neutral greens, ivories, browns and tans and bring African spirit into your get up. Combine them with bohemian accessories, leather bands and metallic bracelets and you’re in for a different style this spring.

Take note of the word inspiration, so don’t kill tigers or any animal for that matter.

Choosing what to wear this spring may be hard especially if you have all sorts of friends wearing different brands and designs. The trick into finding the spring clothes that really suits you lies within you. Think of the activities that you will do once you get that dress on. Always remember that regardless of the trends; what’s more important is that you feel comfortable in what you wear. 5ive Jungle is your solution those crazy designs.

Sunny Days

Now, people don’t want to be too tremendously sexy while adventuring out into the sun this spring. But, you definitely want to get that tan, and sun dresses are the perfect way to do it. In this department, nobody can compete with Baby Phat because they been modernizing female styles for the the past decade. Revolutionary, and ahead of their game, with the perfect solution for your spring needs ladies.

Enjoy your spring everybody!

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