The presidential candidates are out in full swing, campaigning to become the next leader of the free world.

Earlier, Illest Lyrics, hypothetically speaking, caught up with a few rappers to find out, who they are voting for.

We sat down with West Coast Rapper – Snoop Dogg at first.

Me: Snoop Dogg, who do you plan to vote for in 08?

Snoop: Giuliana my nizzle, fo shizzle, he pimps forizzle.

Next we discussed the candidates with 50 cent. His reaction was stunning.

Me: Who are you voting for fifty?

50 Cent: I’m Voting for Bush, that’s n**** is to gangster for the 22th amendment.

Me: Good point, why should Bush start following the law now.

Next, we got together with T.I, Rza, Common, and Mos Def.

Me: Who are you guys voting for?

T.I: Fred Thompson, we agree with him on the core issues. Second rate actors are getting paid horribly these days.

Common: He is a freedom fighter!

Mos Def: building 7

RZA: I was in American Gangster?

Me: I see.

Later, we saw Lil Wayne, who was incidentally with his daddy birdman.

Me: Why are you voting for Hilary Clinton?

Lil Wayne: She has a fat booty.

Me: Gross.

It makes a lot of sense, Lil Wayne, votes for Hilary. They both think because their husbands can do it they can.

We ran into Fat Joe, who is also in support of Hilary.

Me: What’s so great about Hilary Clinton?

Fat Joe: She wants global health care, and I’m one fat unhealthy mother****** without healthcare.

Me: Haha. Both of you also like flopping. She flops the issues and you flop cds.

We even found the pervert R Kelly. Listen to what he had to say.

R Kelly: I support Mike Huckabee.

Me: Why?

R Kelly: I believe we should shower our children with love and stuff.

Me: I guess, you both want what’s best for the children.

Chingy wasn’t very hard to find. He was attempting to get on the latest season of “where are they now”.

We asked him about his favorite presidential candidate.

Chingy: I like Al Gore

Me: Al Gore isn’t running.

Chingy: nvm mind, I wuz gonna votez fO alz but I dont like candidatez who been on the MTV more than me

We also talked with Joe Budden, who is voting for Ron Paul. Both of them believing the Internet and technology are the key to the future.

Joe Budden: Yes. I’m voting for Ron Paul. He is great.

Me: Makes a lot sense. You both have a lot in common if you think about it, you owe all your fame to the internet, and in reality you aint shit. (just kidding on that one)

We even talked to Jay Z.

Me: Who are you voting for Jigga?

Jay Z: Barack Obama

Me: Why?

Jay Z: He listens to me, why else?

Last but not least we talked to Aesop Rock, who is voting for Dennis Kucinich.

Aesop Rock: the mortals will vote otherwise

They seemingly are both martians.

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