Canibus has returned with his 8th studio album, which we highly recommend you buy. Support these underground artists who are constantly putting out solid material.

Canibus invented his own style of rap in the 90’s. Bringing insane vocabulary and metaphors that were previously non-existent.

He has been critiqued mainly for the lack of solid production on his albums. Though this album may change that perspective. The early reviews say the production is a lot better on this particular release.

His previous album “Hip-hop 4 sale” got mixed reactions for the mainstream attempted sound that it entailed.

Canibus released “Poet Laureate Infinity” on numerous websites recently. This basically showed that he is going back to the hardcore, intelligent, and scientific rhymes that Canibus fans crave.

Canibus has beefed with top selling artists including LL Cool J and Eminem.

Rip the Jacker 2 – Infinity is his other solo album that is suppose to be dropping this year.

Canibus has been putting out albums since 1998. He even put out albums in 02 through 04 when he was serving in the military. In he 2004 he was discharged from the army, because he got caught smoking marijuana .

Killah Priest from the highly acclaimed Wutang clan is one of the guests on this album.

Here is some information about the album. Remember just wait six more days and you can get the album at your local cd stores.

Canibus – For Whom The Beat Tolls


Label – Koch ENT Source

Leaked Date – 6-04-2007

Release Date – 6-12-2007



01. For Whom The Beat Tolls 02:13

02. Harbinger Of Light 03:23

03. Poet Laureate Infinity V003 11:07

04. Liquid Wordz (Feat. Sun & Killah Priest) 04:24

05. Father Author, Poor Pauper 03:27

06. Dreamzzzzz 04:56

07. Magnum Innominandum 03:01

08. Layered Prayers 02:34

09. The Fusion Centre (Feat. Vinnie Paz) 02:27

10. 702-386-5397 04:06

11. The Goetia 03:09

12. Secrets Amongst Cosmonauts 04:30

13. One Ought Not To Think 02:23

14. Javelin Fangz 04:15

15. There Has He Been (Feat. K-Solo) 02:47

16. Poet Laureate Infinity V004 11:34

Total Time: 70:16

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