To My Mother

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To My Mother

Post by complexity »

A friend of mine wrote this, tell me what you think.

I hid away in my shell
Always trying to find
Lost in what felt of sorrow for myself
Didn’t realize I was so blind

From this anger
I have grown
From this selfishness
I am no longer alone

I did not see
Your anger inside
I tried to pretend not see
The hate you tried to hide

We don’t forget the past
It only makes us stronger
I truly am sorry at last
I will not cry any longer

I blamed you for my pain
But I was ignorant
I should’ve known you felt the same
We all tried to forget

I pushed you away
When we should’ve stuck together
It should never be that way
But I know it will get better

You make me laugh
You make me cry
When you’re disappointed
I die a little every time

We’ve had our moments
When we disagree
But Ill never forget
All you’ve done for me

I’ve made mistakes
In the past
You always forgive me
No matter how bad

You’re not only my mother
But my best friend
I hate that we don’t talk
Can we try again?

I feel like I miss you
Even though I see you everyday
I love you
I should tell you that everyday

I’ve seen the pain in your eyes
From the past we can’t escape
I’ve sat and cried with you
As our lives moved at a slow pace

I’ve wanted to tell you
There’s a pain deep inside
For the past year or two
I tried to forget and hide

It eats at me everyday
I don’t know why it’s there
I always try to blame you
I know that’s unfair

I cry for no reason
I cry because of what I put you through
I cry just to feel at peace
I wish you only knew

Words cannot explain
How I truly feel
But I love you more than anything
That’s the only thing I know is real

I thought I hated you
For the confusion that I felt
Instead I should’ve went to you
And told you how I felt

I know you’re disappointed
In all the mistakes that I have made
I try to make up
For everything that is to late

I wanted you to feel
What I felt inside
I was being selfish
Until I truly looked into your eyes

You had pain of your own
From the loss’s that you have had
I will never know
Things in your life that truly make you sad

When I needed you the most
I didn’t think of you
I only thought of what I needed
Not what could’ve helped us get through

I know you don’t think about the past
But I do everyday
Once again I’m sorry
I hope you understand what I had to say
I love you and happy mother’s day

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Re: To My Mother

Post by probablyTreed »

I feel like I miss you
Even though I see you everyday
I love you
I should tell you that everyday

my stomach dropped and tears hit me at this line.. its crazy good
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Re: To My Mother

Post by TreTru »

this is a nice poem broham..

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Re: To My Mother

Post by JDR »

This is nice. I wrote my mom somethin' similar on mothers day. I can really relate to guy because you know you always fuck up and it disapoints you even more to see your mom upset with your actions.
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Re: To My Mother

Post by Dream »


From this anger
I have grown
From this selfishness
I am no longer alone

This piece has such a simple format,
Yet, it's lines include such deep emotion.

It's a very sweet piece.


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