America is still racist but I don’t think Bill O Reilly is the main reason, and this is why.

Bill O Reilly is getting blasted all over the hip hop community (hhc) and the media, including but not limited to Media Matters, Cnn, and New York Times.

I find it ironic that a man who was trying to get dialog going about the racism and stereotypes is immediately taken out of context and insulted.

So we forget all about the Jena 6 case. Not that important. It’s all about finding out what evil Bill O Reilly, who has literally been covering Jena 6 case unbiased, fair and balanced, (which I don’t think he does for everything), for the last two weeks.

I am an admitted watcher of Bill O Reilly on occasion because I like to get different perspectives. The “liberal media” even gets on my nerves sometimes, and I’m not close to “conservative”.

Bill O Reilly is simply close minded and ignorant about the black culture. Obviously that’s why he insults hip hop on almost every chance he gets.

Anyway, how can we actually have an intelligent conversation when all of the media and hip hop community, is focused on Bill O Reilly.

Bill O Reilly was trying to make the point of whites having stereotypes of black people. Yes, it exists. How can you honestly jump down his throat for admitting the obvious?

If Bill O Reilly does have stereotypes of black people in Harlem, does that make him a racist?

Black people have stereotypes of black people in Harlem.

You can’t even talk about the obvious “Racism in America” without being called a racist yourself.

Why do we have to make Bill O Reilly the center of attention.

Shouldn’t we be talking about “Jena 6”. I’ll bet the average person has already formulated an opinion without even knowing all the facts on Jena 6.

You have been to busy looking at the propaganda on TV. Distracting you from the real issue.

Do me a favor. Instead of watching Cnn (my favorite news station) about this whole entire situation and watch them sensationalizing this matter, go read a few blogs, discuss it with friends, and enjoy becoming a more intellectual person.

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