Are You G?

Expand your artistic ability through poetry and story telling. Poetry has been given new life ever since the inception of hip hop. Relax for a minute and explore your poetic side here.

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Re: Are You G?

Post by Riggz »

I thought I replied to this in the Writtens. I liked it there too didn't I? If not, great piece Rugged:
No choice but to follow my lead, while I make history//
I’ma drink pineapple juice so you can taste victory//
Losing is sour, come taste the sweeter things in life//
Or back off, you ain't 'double crossing me' like Jesus Christ//
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Re: Are You G?

Post by Darryl_Spacely »

this would be a good song

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Re: Are You G?

Post by Glamtrash »

I'd definitely call this more of a written than a oem, nonetheless it's good shit. Well structured, good vocab, good metahorical use etc. I'm a fan of your writing too. Kee em comin, kid.

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Re: Are You G?

Post by Immortal Jav »

yeah sounded like a written but tight rather written or not

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Re: Are You G?

Post by thadevious1 »

if it's a tight written, written it's not considered a real poem
cause it's a half assed attempt, at rap posted in the poetry forum :lol:
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