Say Stupid Shit Freestyle

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Say Stupid Shit Freestyle

Post by complexity » Wed Mar 21, 2018 11:05 pm

fuck these social gatherings i'm here for open battling
bones are rattling that will provoke an avalanche
i'm posting like a total ass because that's where I started from
its like i'm on anti depressants that's how hard i cum
I couldn't be a president because I pardon none, but fuck george walker bush
and obamas shit, if I was president I'd drone an octopus and start bombing squid
why am I talking about ocean creatures, I want to hang myself like the mona lisa
I stay on a fucking roll like bowling sneakers
I hang out with yoga teachers, that are over eaters
older seniors that have explosive seizures
holy leaders that aren't known believers, I couldn't be wacker
if i was a bee wacker, believe me, I broke into this game like an ice skater
with a knee fracture, i'm a light saber and a life saver
remember those tea baggers, teeth shattered when I beat those freak bastards
i made it thirty years hurting queers more than any person here
in person i'm a nightmare like tim burton or a thin virgin with an erection that is inverted

(ok next)

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