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Quick 16

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I haven't done shit in a very long time while I was busy with school, but I wrote this the other day and figured I'd see what the experts of Illest had to say. Probably blows, but fuck it.

Blowin up Taliban, write this shit because I can
Rep my shit cause family matters, pants hiked urcle man
ignorance is bliss, but fuck that I’m educated
And you said that was you girl, but now she’s mine we consummated
To smoke trees you must get paper, roll the time back see you later
I rep the green party so they call me termiNader
Contagious spittah, flow so ill, On that shit that Guru killed
Tryna take my spot, drive-by shots, Cruella and that coupe Deville
Filibuster dick, yeah my shit stands up for hours
Austin resident don’t test the limits of my powers
When I bust in, they like who the fuck invited kool-aid
a wordsmith, letterman, on time I’m never too late
Walden chillin, nature boy, fuck your mom, Sigmund Freud
Catch me swimming with the sharks, fuck a pond, aint playin coy
Empirical formulas relate the story of my common struggle to get to the top
Atomically glorious into your orifice, drawing the line are you with me or not
Beaten more bitches than Michael Vick

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