Dont come back, kid... WE WANT YOU TO LEAVE!!!

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But I See Right Thru You
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Dont come back, kid... WE WANT YOU TO LEAVE!!!

Post by Kuhlerblynd »

Yep, you had to get some kind of response from me, even if I dont think you're worthy of my time...

Let's get it...

Dont make me hit you with the nut sack, bitch! When it comes to newbs like you, been there, done that shit
Dump that clip, grown men getting raped in the pen only time I heard of a CUM BACK, KID!!!
You get fucked fag, it's.. more than a fabled slaying, talking shit about CI makes me think you crazy
But your just queer bait thats shady! I mean damn, your name suggests this is going to be an anal raping!!!
My bombs leave cabinets, fridges, and tables shaking! My plan is to make you hate me
Im in the place you chasing, TOP TEAR/TIER when you realize I havent let the bullshit out the stable lately
The punches I trade you, PAY ME! You stay broke like the economy, people like you fucking bother me
Honestly, to throw shots at me while I'm on a bombin' spree only prove which side the chalk lines be...

And I dont have to come punch for punch, because digesting your verse is nothing more than a busted lunch
Put my boot in the ass of this fucking punk! I'd call you a dickrider but your too busy hugging nuts!!!
You remind me of an ugly slut! Anyone could afford ya with a rock, ya ass stay on the corner of the block
Pimps like me is what tore ya from ya pops, only to result in someone random calling the coroner or the cops!!!
Ya probably homeless, so know its my spits pourin on ya box! That or dudes you flipping tricks for...
Speak on my crew, bitch than it's war! I'm well known to quickly pistol whip whores
And since you shooting blanks at my home base, I'll be sure to make these missles hit yours!!
You in a pickle for sure! Maybe that's backwards, you probably carry a pickle in shorts
That hit you with force resulting in you pissin' on floors til your physical's torched... My mission, of course!

I'm taking it easy as this diss is unraveling, but make no mistake, my punches love traveling
Then rattling a dome with empty seats so massively, that it makes bitches like YOU want to fucking battle me!!!
Fuck that trash, it's weak! This is combat, bitch! You dont want that shit, this punch cracks ribs
Til you drown in a blood bath quick! With ya mom the only person to ever say ya fuckin name, yelling COMEBACK, KID!!!

There's a little keystyle for ya. I'm sure a response or some feedback is what you wanted, so here you go, you got it... If you want to take it a step further, you know what to do... Holla at me HERE...
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Re: Dont come back, kid... WE WANT YOU TO LEAVE!!!

Post by Quix »

L MFAO ... wow you was clownin on dude.

Prolly not worth such a long drop.

But yah did yah thang hommie!
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Re: Dont come back, kid... WE WANT YOU TO LEAVE!!!

Post by Sir Kevin O Shea »

This is beautiful, keep the movement moving kuhler. ;)

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Re: Dont come back, kid... WE WANT YOU TO LEAVE!!!

Post by Enlightend »

I agree with all the above good shit...
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