:Rise: the beginning

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:Rise: the beginning

Post by Defiance »

so it begins....

watch me rise...

rising like the sun spitting heat off the tongue
dropping shit thats snappin like a finger an thumb
im eager to punch swings never miss they hit
im so original OG's claiming that my spits legit
i flip the script and read my shit up side down
ears like alcoholics the way they drunk my sound
so hunker down, and listen to the way i do it
so fluid speakers wet as they spray my music
i stay the truest operating an staying independent
mind of a criminal my lawyers my codefendant
most rappers codependent not individual
thats why they mindless drones and i am a sentinel
once a sinnin cynical til i got a lease on life
not a conformist i have no need of a speech device
shakin off you parasites when i drop my works
flowin with direction and a point like a flock of birds
so stop.. observe an watch as i grind on the mic
punches make bells ring like you timing the fight
an the timing was right like it was based off of earths orbit
one of a kind so hip hop heads will search for this
you nerds forfeit cause you fuckin with the best alive
im the proof cause i live what my text describes
complex an sly im never like a fox in a hole
in a battle its hard to hit me like you boxin a ghost
or cockin on smoke... just face it i cant be touched
im in the top notch slot wit a mic in the hand i clutch

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Sir Kevin O Shea
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Re: :Rise: the beginning

Post by Sir Kevin O Shea »

Amazing flow on this. The ending was well done.

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Re: :Rise: the beginning

Post by Kause mc »

i agree du dope flow!
throw this to a beat fam i'd love to hear it
bringin' heat but not the same shit your cats on

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Re: :Rise: the beginning

Post by leeroi green »

I like but there are a few points you could step up I wish I had my laptop I would quote and break it down further but overall this a dope piece makes me want to drop a few writtens its been a minute since I dropped here

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Re: :Rise: the beginning

Post by ippiki_17 »

Awesome written I could definitely hear this live.

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