Same Ole

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Same Ole

Post by NoVeL »

Picture me rollin twenty years from now, latest whips, hottest shit mobsta style.. New gat at the side of my hip. New chick wit the same ole shit, down wit the methods taught from the same ole bitch. At a restaurant i need no more shrimps bcuz i eat lobster now and its funny cuz i love it wit the same ole chips. Then i envision being woke by the same ole wife, i thank god for her cuz she shows me that same ole light and i love her bcuz she's religious wit that same ole christ, We talk fuss fuck then its back to that same ole fight. Oh my god, dont get me started wit that same ole life, going to work to box cutt wit that same ole knife. its ashame cuz some people dont follow that same ole dream, that could give them the opportunity to reach that same ole height like record deals for example I COULD BE THAT SAME OLE HYPE!! if i could just get signed this same ole night, i would perform on that same ole mic and then i dont think my life wouldnt be the same ole right??


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Re: Same Ole

Post by leeroi green »

yo this was your 1st drop almost two years i'm trackin your progression homie i like this for a 1st drop enjoy the feed

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Re: Same Ole

Post by Kuhlerblynd »

The structure threw me off a bit, but Im guessing this was a key style, more or less. I liked how you kept at the multis and focused on flow, if that the case. I wouldve liked more content to it, but really, thats not always needed for an exercise type deal. Good overall.
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