BONUS ROUND - Quix vs M-Vario

Compete for the Illest textcee belt that was vacated a couple months ago. The winner of the tournament can claim best textcee on the site. Enjoy the tournament.

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BONUS ROUND - Quix vs M-Vario

Post by M-Vario »

fuk Quix he gets no trust, blame this on rust cuz afterwards ya career is stuck
battle me for what? when ur battle wit cee4 went up u saw this chinese chief whip up Peek'n duck

Plus Q only fucks with the not talking faculty... wouldnt trust this homo in back of me
on any given night actually u can catch more niggas in Q*ueue then the line outside of Applebees

if you didnt know i live that soldier life...take hold of my... rifle and shoulder snipe
put the belt on knock if off if u think its in-cize u aint hold it right...not a proper fit like teeth with an over-bite

beat me? thatll be bullshit damn, WWII style ill straight torch this man if i lift the CAN
or play da business man, tell'em he can save 1 fam... and watch the situation drop fast when its in Quix-hand/quicksand

you nice? dude stop it! play ball or go to college if you ever want to see profit
just keep the knowledge ill go in ya wallet and put you in a HOLE if Q-Ball out of pocket

so stay in it, this gay tenant has boys night and gives his friends roofies, with him use the term straight loosely
know how i know dudes fruitie? you dont play football but your down for a sack...-in Q-B

your whole crews gay, prejudice im here to boost hate when lafayette* is this dudes mate
how rare that i just played poker and 8..... 9, 10, J, and that was the only time i've seen Q straight

your sick heres the remedy, imma put an end to 'em i hope every word offendin'eem
are you black?asian?white essentually from what i can tell by you written drops* u really struggle with identity
it dont gotta be summer for me to come up north with da birds~Murda for bricks
or Murda by numbers WHEN i Point the 1-2 gauges tre' or fo-five at ya six
- me
AKA Tito Fairbanks

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Re: BONUS ROUND - Quix vs M-Vario

Post by complexity »

M-Vario wins.

-records updated-

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