Cee4 vs Fans [ Round 1 ]

The tournament will begin soon.

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Cee4 vs Fans [ Round 1 ]

Post by complexity » Thu Nov 20, 2008 2:41 pm

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Post by ÐÛÇ£» » Fri Nov 21, 2008 5:21 pm

Since It Was Never A Good Idea To "Start With Complexity",I Now See Remedial "Openers" Distributed By You Inevitably...
Secondly,C Era/ Ciara Is Down & Has Been Paraded Upon Pleasantly...Just Call It My Ambitions To " March On Celebrities"...
You Keep On Spittin Ya Worthless Shit, But I'm First To Hit...I Get Bitches While You Continuously Jerk Ya Dick..
When I Respectively Murk This Kid, They'll Witness Fans Cuttin Thru C/See As If It Were For Hydroelectricity Purposes
Ur Garbage I Could Endlessly Preach ,No Vessels From C/Sea Remain Since Dom,Haz,& Gutta Diminished Ya Fleet
Also...Witnessing "Fiasco(s) Break Him Down Multiple Times" Helps My Claims Of Proving Him To Be Mentally Weak,
You Acting? If So The Close Of Ya Curtains Been Fore Seen,CLOWN! Nobody Wants To Take Recognition Of Ya Circus Story..
Doubt It'll Be Close, Even If They Said I Won...But Just By/Buy A Hair!!..The Fag Would Figure it Meant Purchase More Weave
Any Random Outburst & I'll Put A Gun To Ya Cheeks,After I Son Him I'll Have To Put Ya On My Taxes..I Want My Funs I A Week!
You Gets No Appreciation Nigga....Because In Theory, Neptune Worshippers Where Tha Only People To Pay Homage To C/Sea!
He'll Be Instantly Bombarded With Weapons Physically Departed In Seconds ...Ya Lines Are Dumber...TIME TO SUFFER!!!..
I'm A Mellow Cat...So Him Putting Tye Dye On A Kite...Is The Only Time He Could "Outshine Me With Flyin Colors!!"
Feeding Him Rifles & Slugs Is Slightly A Must, Stop Rapping! Or I'll Prove Ya Cyphers All Suck..
He Was "Over His Head" Now C/Sea Life Is Beached ...Out Of Motion He Has No Choice But To Start Biting The Dust..
You On Whack Terms When Will This Fag Learn, You Think Ya Got A Cold Flow But My Mac Burns!!!
Keep It Up And "Ya Heart Will be Crushed Soon" Similar To Relationships On Bad Terms....

(Lost to Complexity 5-1 or 4-1..Also lost to haz,dom and gutta...Also lost to rell fiasco 2 or 3 times..and fiasco as in a mental dilemma Everything else is self explanator If Ya Don't get dont vote..also if its too small for you get glasses!)

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Post by Cee4 » Sat Nov 22, 2008 12:43 pm

Incase anyone dosent know Fans Is Duce witha lame ass name change

Haha Your All At Sea With No Paddle

Your Wordplay..
Is Ass See Its Played Out, Like A Cassius Clay Bout!, Kismaveli? Sorry I Had U Confused For A Groupie
I Kick Push Ya Like Lupe, Ill-HipHop King of Text? Seems He 'Lies Bout His Crown' Like A Dude With A Toupee!
http://ill-hiphop.com/f32/king-text-cha ... ives-2581/
Lift Up Ya Skirt Dyke, U Be Cee Consumed, Im 'Diggin Up Dirt' Like ODB Exhumed, …Who U Beat That's Decent?
Who U Beat That's Recent? U Lose In My Orbit, We Battled, Aint 'Work Out' For U But U Proved Ur All 'For Fit/Forfeit!'
Dude Tryna Pester Me, Incessantly, Relentlessly You Follow N Mention Me, Hope I Take U Lighter Like Im Slack?
Last Win August, Great Fighter Sike Ya Wack, Im 8 No Losses, 'Fans Just Aint See/Cee' Like The Writers Strike Is Back!
Smack! Coz U Lost Your Technique When u Lost To Tekniq, Beggin Kurse To Diss Him, Thats How Punk This Guy Git
If Ya Rhymes Junk Then Why Spit, Die Quick? Duce 'Fell Off From The Four Rums/Forums' Like A Drunken Pirate!
Irate, Ya Lead Disperse? 'Fans Aint Clappin' Like They Just Read Ya Verse!, Sweep Me? I`ll Have Ya Views Blown Apart
I Get The Limelight Ur Zones The Dark, Ironic, Coz Id Hear 'Loads Of Echos/Eckos' If I Said Ya Crews 'Owned By Mark!'
Even Hazard Don't Rate Ya And He's Boys With You, Its True, Last Time He Said Smash Duce And Join The Crew!
I Make More Noise Than U, Another Meal When I Eat Ya Camp, U Rep Ill-Hip-Hop? Well 4Real I Just Beat Ya Champ!
U Boasted Now Ya Stop, It Aint True That 'Fan Male/Mail' But He`ll Be Posted In A Box!, U Peeked Now Be Drowned
Duce Was Faeces, I`ll Mute This Weak Clown, Im Like Dr Dre, Coz When The 'Shit Hit The Fan' I Put The Beat Down!
Like Obie Trice You Aint Made To Be Shady, U`d Be Better Off Tryna Masquerade As A Lady, Go Ask Peers For Spinach
But Illest Aint Benevolent, So This Queers Diminished, Ur Irrelevant, That's Why Your Battles Take 2 Years To Finish!!

Expos- He said he was king of text on that other site but it dosent say so lol
-I already beat him and he forfeited after 2 votes.
and Crews owned by Mark i mean Magic Mark
the rest should be easy enough

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Post by complexity » Tue Nov 25, 2008 7:59 am

C4 had more personals and they hit harder. Me and Ekoms both agree that C took this round. I wouldn't say by much because both had dope wordplay, it came right down to who had harder insults. C4 will be moving on.

-records updated-


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