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New Smilies

Post by complexity »

Click view more smilies.

Show your favorite ones in this thread.


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Re: New Smilies

Post by Momeijah »

:angry-argument: <---- ur bitch ass and I having a convo
:angry-banghead: <---- u after said argument ready to wreck the house
:angry-cussingwhite: <---- u in general
:auto-camptrailer: <---- me smuggling u to mexico cause u dun fucked up boiii
:character-jaws: <---- the star of ur favourite movie
:character-apu: <---- hazard
:chores-mop: <---- kurse at work
:chores-mowlawn: <---- ekoms at work
:chores-vacuum: <---- double fl at work
:gay-imgay: <---- everyone on this forum that isn't me
:music-tool: <---- what I think of all u fucks
:obscene-drinkingbuddies: <---- precise trying to outdrink me
:law-police: <---- me again
:obscene-hanged: <---- ekoms in 3 years
:text-imwithstupid: <---- me pointing to the post above me
:violence-uzi: :violence-snipersmiley: :violence-rocket: :violence-shock: :violence-plasma: :violence-pistoldouble: :violence-rambo: :violence-rapidfire: :violence-ripper: :violence-minigun: :violence-instagib: :violence-glob: :violence-chainsaw: :violence-duel: <---- IT'S WORLD WAR 3 OH THE HUMANITY HELP US GOD


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Re: New Smilies

Post by The Man »

The Ekoms in 3 years is my favorite.

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Re: New Smilies

Post by Predator X »

I like how in the WW3 you got all these big ass guns goin off then 2 dudes swordfightin at the end.

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Re: New Smilies

Post by Lawgix »

:character-koolaid: OH YEAH!!!!!
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Re: New Smilies

Post by Orfadox »

Lmao @ Dominoes Post

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