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Post by Brah-Vo »

idiocracy: A state in which idiots are in power.

Proper word:
idiocy: extreme mental retardation.

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Post by TreTru »

- Mutual Hostility - wrote:Tre look at ya Sig the belt has HHR on it tut tut lol jk
^^^lmao..ayy i wondered if it was gonna be a problem....but i
figure it's cool until i get the illest belt...hahaha..

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Post by Kurse »

Ain't nuthin wrong with it. When I won their IHH belt (when they were still Ill-HipHop)...I rocked both belts in my sig. lol Only thing I wasn't interested in being the champ for their site...and technically since I won it, I decided to make it into an illest belt! (the text illest text champ belt)

I mean fuck it....i won it. It's mine to do what I please ain't it!? lol

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