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Did You Know That Master P Has Boxing Skills?

It’s been an astounding 17 years since Master P was at the top of what some would call the ultimate version of the rap game. Some forgotten rap gods fade away into obscurity (theoretically eating bacon double cheeseburgers and fried spaghetti until they’re an unhealthy size, at least for the sake of this post), but not him – He’s been hitting the gym, showing off his boxing skills and participating in a 3 month long fitness challenge (which he’s posting on Instagram if you’re interested in following along with him).

He’s doing this with or without you, but he’d prefer if you joined him

Before the Ice Cream Man took off for the ring, he uploaded a short and to the point PSA, rallying his viewers to join him in whatever capacity they could as long as they exercised for 30 minutes a day. He then announced that he would be participating in the 90 day challenge before heading in to the gym (presumably to start day 3).

His subsequent uploads serve as both proof and inspiration. Some highlights from the following videos:
*The No Limit icon getting his fists taped up.
*P throwing out some absolutely savage hits in the ring.
*A bumpin’ soundtrack that makes the ride worthwhile for even the biggest sloth.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Check out the videos below:

#Day3 #90DayChallenge #BoxingGym #NoDaysOff

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#Day3 #90DayChallenge #DedicationIsTheKey

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#Day3 #90DayChallenge #NoDaysOff

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#90DayChallenge #Day3 #SexiestManCominSoon #MovieReady

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People took notice of his quick hands almost immediately

How many punches did #masterp throw ?

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Why Now?

You might be wondering why exactly Master P has decided to hop on board the health train all of a sudden, and you certainly wouldn’t be the only one. One theory is that the rapper wants to be in the best shape he can while he’s promoting No Limit Takeover, a mixtape featuring a wide range of artists. Or maybe – and this theory is based solely on the above hashtags – he has a movie in the works. Who knows?

Are you going to join the 90 day challenge? Why do you think Master P is suddenly all about healthy living? Leave your mark on the world by way of an opinion below.


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