Wu tang clans new album 8 diagrams has leaked to the internet. It’s release date is actually, December 11th.

A pretty early release.

This is their first album in seven years.

Of course, we won’t give you a link to the download because we recommend you buy the album. Support Wu!


1. Campfire

2. Take it Back

3. Get Them Out Ya Way Pa

4. Face the Problems

5. The Heart Gently Weeps


7. Wolves

8. Gun Will Go

9. Sunlight

10. SKIT (Robin Harris)

11. Stick Me for My Riches

12. Windmill

13. Weak Spot

14. Life Changes

15. Starter

16. You Can’t Stop Me Now

17. Watch Your Mouth

Illest will keep you updated with all the latest news and music from Wutang clan.

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