This year, there’s a lot of “wear-n-tear” in the fashion world.

Markets are flooded with low brand quality, clothes are carelessly tailored stitch by stitch, shoppers find themselves spending less & less (depending on cheap-end fashion to represent them), definitely not how you want to be seen once the stars turn on at night.

Designer companies, along with retailers are shutting down left and right, going down before they ever get a chance to go up, which at the moment has forced everyone to just stop and stare like a broken elevator.

Fashion is still a thriving industry as a whole, malls are still packed with people chasing that next style, and quite frankly, what can get old and repetitive about looking for something new? Kind of redundant don’t you think? That’s why we’ve decided to sacrifice a pretty penny and do some research for you, creating our list of the “Top-10 Clothing Brands for 2011.”

#10 – We bring to you Coogi, a stylish, new-age brand that specializes in the motto “more color, less canvas.” Their coat and sweater selection is full of chic, non tacky tops, they got cute shoes for the ladies, also boots, high heels, rompers, tees, you name it. Coogi is such an element to the music community, it’s even endorsed by hip hop legends such as Jay Z. The one downfall with Coogi is they tend to oversize their logos — smaller the logo, bigger the price tag.

#9 – Since 1994, Mecca clothing has been appealing to the younger/urban market. It comes natural to them since their roots stem from the birth of street fashion. With summer coming up, they’re ideal to keep you feeling cool in more ways than one, from soft cotton shirts to Austin Denim shorts, Mecca has 2011 written all over em’. Make sure to check them out, their prices vary as well, most items don’t break the $35 mark.

#8Pelle Pelle is our next choice because like Mecca, they carry a cool selection of stylish gear, designed specifically for the summer months ahead. Pelle Pelle carries an awesome assortment of casual styles, from normal cotton shirts, to button down woven shirts. Their prices are at the normal rate, so if you’re still living at home, working at Subway, you might want to skip this one. Pelle Pelle also only caters to men, so sorry ladies, unless…

#7 – Next up we have Pastry, an evolutionary fashion line for women founded by Vanessa Simmons and Angela Simmons (sisters from MTV’s series of Run’s House.) In 2007, Pastry launched under the Run Athletics brand as part of the next generation of women’s clothing. Their logo is the brand’s name written in a basic yet sophisticated and beautiful way. From wearing their wedge boots on the wild side, to lounging in their French Terry Hoodie Set, Pastry is sweeter than it sounds, and so are their prices.

#6 – For the six spot we bring to you Imperial Junkie. These guys are known for blending Japanese culture with American designs, conquering the international understanding of flavor, and value. This brand of clothing is a very colorful and creative style of street-wear that appeals to a fashion-minded audience, mixing those bright colors with techno-style art. Imperial Junkie’s collection ranges from hoodies, sweaters, jeans, jackets, and t-shirts, EVERYTHING! They’re endorsed by numerous hip hop celebrities like T.I., Flo-rida, Lupe Fiasco, & Rick Ross. So check out their gear, and get with the program.

#5 – Next up we got the Japanese/European style-company, RSRV. These gifted artist know how to keep it simple with their clean aesthetics and fabrics, ignoring the loud graphics and gimmicks. The refined brand of urban streetwear is their redefining element; they aim to mix traditional styled menswear with iconic urban wear profiles. They add small details to their jeans, jackets, and blazers that help the clothing stand out. A great brand to look for if you’re shopping for outerwear of any sort.

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