The Game has had a quick rise to fame. He has came out with two highly acclaimed albums in under three years. What would you do? Well if you’re the West Coast Rapper, its time to retire.

The Game rose to stardom faster than most rappers, thanks to his mentor Dr.Dre. The Games first album “The Documentary” not only featured mainly Dr.Dre production, but also had mega superstar 50 cent on both of his singles.

In the summer of 04′, The Game, and 50 cent started beefing. Though the beef had no substantial reason. We can only be lead to assume they weren’t satisfied with sharing the spotlight.They exchanged a multitude of diss tracks to each other up to 06. Most notably The Game’s “300 bar diss”. 50 Cent even claimed at one point that he wrote tracks for the game.

In 06′ The Game dropped his second album “Doctors Advocate”. Though the album didn’t sell like his first, the reviews were pretty good. This album had absolutely no Eminem, 50 cent, or Dr.Dre because he was no longer with Aftermath.

Now its 07′, and The Game has decided to retire after one more album.

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