B.E.T conveniently has their hip hop awards, right after the Vma’s. Unfortunately we will get the chance to see Kanye go on a tantrum again as he is up for the same award (Video Of The Year) on this particular award show.

Let’s all hope Kanye wins this time.

Common “The People” and 50 Cent “I Get Money” also got nominated.

Can we expect something controversial from 50 cent at the B.E.T award show? I thinking highly likely if Kanye does end up outselling Kanye or not. 50 Cent has been on a media rampage ever since, record sales came in Kanye’s favor. You can check all of the previous articles on Illest within the last few weeks.

KRS one will be getting the hip hop legend award. Though incidentally no nods for his album “Hip Hop Is Alive” which came out earlier this year, yet he gets the “I Am Hip Hop Award” for his career. It’s the times we’re living in, “hate it or love it”, no pun intended.

UGK, Lil Wayne, and T.I all got nominations as well.

T.I is leading the pack with a total of nine nominations including lyricist of the year.

An award he might not win in a year that Talib Kweli, Common, and Nas all dropped albums.

Incidentally Aesop Rock, Pharaoh Monch, and Killah Priest, didn’t make the cut for lyricist of the year. Oh well, maybe next year?

You can see the complete list of nominations at BET.COM, and we will keep you updated with all the happens involving this show and cover the actual show as well. It should be an exciting one.

It starts at 9pm Eastern, and Pacific, on October 17th.

Illest Lyrics will try to put up a program reminder.

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