While Lil Wayne was incarcerated last year, he said he wanted to work with Tech N9ne. And from the looks of it, Tech told VIBE he was surprised by the mention and that the wheels are in motion. Welcome to the best of both worlds

“I’m still surprised by what Wayne said—we’ve never meet him, so for him to acknowledge me was a shock,You think people of a certain stature don’t know about you. I just wonder what songs he listens to. His people have been contacting us already, so I’m anxious to see what he sends me. I’m hearing his camp is all ready to send over some music. And I’ll be in New York soon so hopefully I can visit him before he gets out.”

“I just want to thank Wayne for even mentioning me. I’ve been following his career since he started. Just watching him evolve—he was always clever with the rhymes. My own quest was always to get my music out to everybody in world and working with Wayne is truly a way to get it out there.”

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