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  • HKX – Da Essence

    HKX – Da Essence

    This is one of Illest’s own cats doing it big, doing his own thing, This is a free download & it features these artist on Da Essence- Viral, Loon E Lou, Kurse, G-Baby, Ekoms, Petrafyne, Tre Tru, L.U.V.E.M., Don Trilo, Mic E.D. & DJ Spotakus. This album also has skits on it as well as…

  • 2010’s Cold Mugs

    2010’s Cold Mugs

    FOXY BROWN Violating a court order and baring her buttocks to a neighbor. She is due in court February 7th. DMX Multiple probation violations including use of illegal drugs and not complying with treatment plans. BRUNO MARS Arrested in Las Vegas for drug possession in a bathroom. He is due in court February 4th. GUCCI…