Grammy-winning rapper T.I. is headed back to Atlanta and may soon be ordered to face the federal judge who signed off on an extraordinary deal that shaved years off a potential prison term.

FILE – Rapper T.I. whose real name is Clifford Harris speaks to reporters outside the Richard B. Russell Federal Courthouse in Atlanta, in this March 27, 2008 file photo. Police say Rapper T.I. and wife Tameka Cottle have been arrested in West Hollywood for possession of a controlled substance late Wednesday Sept. 1, 2010. (AP Photo/John Bazemore, File)

Illest – The award winning artist was arrested on Wednesday night after cops smelled the distinct essence of marijuana coming from his car. Ironically at the same time that his redeeming VH1 special “Behind The Music” has been airing repeatedly. In the show T.I. claims that he has his act together and has learned from his mistakes.

T.I’s probation officer will need to convince District Judge Charles Pannell Jr that T.I’s probation should be revoked following T.I.’s arrest on substance possession in Los Angeles. If he fails T.I. could face the real possibility of heading back to jail before the year ends. T.I.’s probation doesn’t actually end until 2013.

“T.I. is going to be back on his way to Atlanta in the next 24 hours,” Don Samuel, one of T.I.’s lawyers, said Thursday. “It’s almost certain he’ll end up appearing before the court here. But without knowing all the facts, it’s premature to speculate what the court is likely to do.”

One of the reasons that T.I. received an untypical deal that led to him only doing a couple months in jail for a series of gun charges was because of his vow to be a changed man. The plea deal saw T.I. serving over 1000 hours of community service along with speeches that were aimed directly at the lifestyle that T.I. had spoke with exceptional credibility throughout his discography including his critically acclaimed second album “Trap Musik”.

T.I. who was released from jail in March after only serving three months in Atlanta’s halfway house has stayed out of trouble until this incident.

Wednesday night, 29-year-old T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, were arrested in West Hollywood during a traffic stop.

“Deputies smelled a strong odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle,” the Los Angeles sheriff’s department said. “A narcotics investigation ensued” and resulted in the arrests.

T.I. and his wife were released on bail on Thursday night; both posting $10 grand.

Any offense when you’re under probation can hold serious consequences. Illestlyrics will keep you update to date with all the developments as they unravel.

In related news, T.I. has been hard at work on his new album “King Uncaged” set for a release possibly as early as this fall.


Los Angeles Police Department has revealed that it was a small amount of Ecstasy Pills found in the Maybach, this will count as a Controlled Substance charge against T.I.

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