T.I’s latest effort “T.I vs T.I.P” has sold almost a half a million records (465,984) in it’s first week.

T.I has easily outsold every “rap artist” I use this term strictly, this year. He topped the billboard charts and is looking to reach that almost unforeseeable plateau of one million soon.

It looks he might even reach platinum sales with this album, which is due to a huge amount of exposure on B.E.T and M.T.V.

Some really solid marketing went into this album, and apparently its paying off.

Let’s face it when rap albums are not selling this is definitely a good thing to see.

Hopefully this starts a spiral of albums selling with common, eminem, rakim, roots, papoose, lupe fiasco, saigon, lil wayne, kayne west, 50 cent, wutang clan, nas, kool g rap, and many more who are suppose to drop this year.

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