T.I. is one of hip hop’s biggest icons. He went from a guy with a hot single, to the guy with the hot album, and now in 2010 T.I. will be releasing his most anticipated record to date King Uncaged. This will the self proclaimed King of the South’s 7th album.

A play off his fourth album The King that rose T.I. from billboard obscurity to prominence overnight.

Unfortunately, for the King of the South there has been a road bump along the way. T.I. who is currently on probation was arrested on drug charges.

Los Angeles Police Department found a small amount of Ecstasy Pills in the Maybach. What this means is that T.I. will be charged with possessing a controlled substance.

Everything isn’t all doom and gloom for the multi-platinum rapper. He has a huge role in the action crime heist Takers which made its debut on August 27th and he currently has a couple singles in rotation.

T.I. has just announced “Pledge Allegiance To The Swag” for this week as well. He said that you shouldn’t expect to find it on the radio, but it will be all over blogs such as this one.

With T.I. planning his monster release for later this year. It will be interesting to see what else develops in the spectrum of hip hop before the close out of the year.

Four tracks have been released from King Uncaged.

1. I’m Back
2. Ya Hear Me
3. Yeah You Know (Takers)
4. Got Your Back Ft. Keri Hilson

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