The beef between the huge superstars of the south seem to be over. As they performed on the pre-b.e.t awards show.

Wikipedia on the beef-

“In 2004, before releasing his debut album Straight Outta Ca$hville, Nashville native and G-Unit member Young Buck would enlist the services of fellow Atlanta M.C. T.I., also known as T.I.P. in his native Bankhead neighborhood of west side Atlanta. They would create a track entitled “Stomp” amid growing tension between Buck’s good friend Ludacris and T.I. On the track, T.I. takes subliminal shots at Ludacris including the line “me gettin’ beat down, that’s ludicrous.” Buck, immediately sensing the tension, decided before releasing the track to notify Ludacris that T.I. had mentioned him since he didn’t want to position himself as encouraging T.I.’s actions. Ludacris heard the track and asked Buck if he could add his own verse; to which Buck agreed. The results end up being costly for T.I., as he is berated throughout Ludacris’ verse and called out by name in his last line. Representatives from T.I. notified Buck that T.I.’s vocals would not be cleared for the album unless T.I. is allowed to change his verse, and also have Ludacris change his. Buck refused this offer and T.I. prohibited his vocals from being used. Buck had Hypeman and fellow rapper D-Tay replace T.I. on the song; D-Tay himself was eventually replaced by Compton rapper The Game on the official release.

In 2006 however, T.I. would release his highly anticipated fourth solo album entitled KING. In his Just Blaze produced track titled “I’m Talkin To You,” T.I. lyrically attacks one or more unknown targets who have widely been speculated to be either New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne, or Houston rapper Lil’ Flip (whom T.I. also had “beef” with but has since ended their animosity behind closed doors) or a combination of all three. It is still unknown whether or not T.I. was in fact battling Ludacris again or anyone else for that matter at all. A closer listen to the song, however proves that T.I. isn’t dissing Ludacris. In one of T.I.s lines he quotes “had it out with ‘Cris, but he still my nigga…sat down civilized talked about it like niggas”, alluding to the sit down that he and Ludacris had to end their dispute. As a matter of fact during the taping of MTV’s My Block ‘Atlanta’, T.I. and Ludacris are shown greeting each other respectfully. Also, one of Ludacris’ songs, “Georgia”, appears in T.I.’s movie ATL.

Ludacris won the Grammy for Best Rap Album in 2007, beating T.I’s King album. To this T.I. has stated “I had the album of the year whether I won a grammy for it or not. I think numbers show that. I think that if you go out to anybody on the streets and ask them, they’ll tell you.

“I think that it’s a no-brainer. You ask him (Ludacris), he’ll probably tell you the same thing. Come on, man, who in hip-hop doesn’t know that? “If you a supporter of hip-hop, who doesn’t know that King is the only platinum album that dropped last year… that was platinum by the time the new-year’s bell rung? At 12:01, January 1, 2007, who had the hottest album of the year? I think it’s unanimous.”

T.I. further expressed his feelings on this matter his song “You Know What It Is”, featuring Wyclef Jean, which is the second single off of his album T.I. vs T.I.P.: “Had the album of the year nigga, Grammy or not.” On a remix to 50 Cent’s ‘I Get Money’, Ludacris raps “Still got the Grammy for the album of the year!”

Also, it has been reported that there was an altercation between T.I. and Ludacris’ manager, Chaka Zulu, at the Make It Happen Visionary Leadership Awards Brunch on June 24, 2007. T.I. has since apologized at the 2007 BET Awards during his thank you speech after winning the best hip-hop artist of the year.[8] Ludacris responded to T.I’s apology and comments on his grammy loss in a verse over 50 Cents “I Get Money” beat.”

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