Here is the full album version that will appear on T.I.’s upcoming record, mastered for your listening pleasure, and ready to go.

It’s been a couple years since Eminem first collaborated with T.I.

At that point Eminem was on some serious drugs and even admitted that his verse was embarrassing.

Touchdown was the name of the disappointing record that saw one of Em’s most atrocious verses. It appeared on the T.I. vs T.I.P album in 2007.

T.I. brings a few vintage verses while Eminem continues with the fast paced, switching flow, that he has doing a lot lately.

An interesting duo that has obviously formed a great relationship over the past few years while going through so many traumatic experiences. I would have expected something more emotional, but I’m also not a multi-plat artist. And few are going to complain when these two are putting in work.

Here is the download: T.I ft. Eminem – All She Wrote

[mp3] ft. Eminem – All She Wrote.mp3[/mp3]

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