All this drama with T.I. between court issues and jail gave me sum time to reflect. I came across these childhood photos and it made me think. We’ve all done our fair share of dirt & mess, despite whatever thee outcome and sentence charges may be for T.I., I want us to support one of the greatest Hip-Hop icons in history. He’s brought us some good music from the heart of the south, with infamous albums like I’m Serious & Urban Legend to King and T.I. V.S. T.I.P. He has also been successful in branches outside of the music industry starring in major movie films that hit the box office in hollywood making millions. Acting in flicks like ATL, American Gangster and now Takers, T.I. shows us virtue in setting examples of being a great success. Were rooting for you homie, We’ll keep you in prayer. Go beat that case and come home. <

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