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Swizz Beatz New Reebok Line

Who says only basketball players and rappers can cop a shoe deal? Swizz Beatz, the music-producer who knocked up Alicia Keys, is introducing his new brand new line of Reebok shoes. First on deck, are his new “Black & Yellow” kicks, not sure what social setting these would belong in besides a basketball game — not sure if you’d catch any of the homies sporting these during ladies night at The House Of Babes. Swizzy is also marketing his second style “Grape Juice” –  an odd stereotypical choice, makes me personally think “what the fuck is juice?” I personally wouldn’t wear these, not sure I know anyone else who would either. Not a good move Swizzy, hope the money was worth it though, not like Alicia is going to take it when she leaves you some day.

Swizz Beatz is working with the sneaker company to use art inspired by Jean-Michel Basquait.