A new hip hop mixtape from former shady record artist Stat Quo with a couple tracks that we have already posted on Illest.




1. Intro
2. QuoCity (Produced by Sultan Beats)
3. It Ain’t Fair
4. In California (Produced by Focus)
5. Get Up Again (Produced by Maliguti)
6. J Newt Speaks
7. Liars (Produced by Trak Dealaz)
8. Intermission (Produced by Billy Drease Williams)
9. Stripper Skit
10. Suck Ma Dick (Produced by Dub Z)
11. Deliver Me (Produced by Lyr1kz)
12. Swaggin’ On The Beat (Produced by Dub Z)
13. Other Niggas (Produced by Dub Z)
14. Inaugurated Skit
15. One
16. The Wind (Produced by Focus)
17. Outro


Stat Quo – QuoCity (The Mixtape)

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