Stat Quo looked like one of the promising members of Shady Records before they inevitably collapsed with all their new artists leaving the label. Stat first demonstrated his skill to the mainstream on The Reup album that came out in late 2006. After releasing his first street album earlier this year – after leaving Shady Records – Stat returns with another album entitled The Great Depression.

The only reason that we do these leaks is because we want you to be aware of an album coming out before they are in the stores. This is a perfect example on why we do it because this could have went under your radar quite easily.


stat quo - great depression


01. Intro
02. Almost Home
03. In California
04. Stylin
05. The Wind
06. Thats Me
07. The Sun
08. Pull
09. Suck Ma d*ck
10. Soul Clap
11. How It Goes
12. Ballout
13. Go Ham
14. One And Only Son
15. In God We Trus
16. Plenty Years

Leak Date

October 16th, 2009

Release Date

October 20th, 2009

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