Saigon has officially announced, he is quitting rap, on his myspace page.

Less than a month before his highly anticipated album “The Greatest Story Never Told” is released, December 4th.

Saigon made this post on his myspace page.

He talked about the media scrutiny that drove him out of the game.

“I did a interview on Shade45, the interview was 2 hours long mind you, we talked about EVERYTHING from what we need to do as a people to get on track to economizing and everything but you know whats on all the so called media outlets in boldface as the headline, ‘Saigon Disses Whoever’…You know what part of a 2 hr interview people replay? Me saying something about someone…If I woulda said, I’ll slap John Hardy Hawkins for his role in the Slave trade, they would never put it in boldface or re-run it 1000 times, but If I say I’ll slap a rapper or something, Its the headline news of the day….Thats ass backwards to me so Im done. I dont like not being able to speak my mind without some fucking clown being able to make a story out of it because Im a “rapper” and “rappers” shouldnt say those things….hahahah I didnt sign up for this..No more interviews, no more mixtapes, no nothing….I’m not a rapper anymore, Im done.. Im back to being regular me…This shit is too fake for me, I found myself getting caught up in the bullshit but now Ill gladly walk away…These people are so predictable that to prove to my ni**as who would say my buzz was dying or whatever, I would say ‘oh yeah’, watch this, then for fun, I would just do an interview and make a comment about someone because I knew they would run back like little bitches who instigate something to get the people talking. Then walah, my buzz is back, (nevermind the 10 great new songs i wouldve just put out)..But its not fun anymore.”

Finally, he made the statement that probably made all his fans cringe.

Okay Ill slap the shit outta EVERY Rapper hows that….I QUIT, Now I have time to focus on my non profit organazation, In Arms Reach/Abandoned Nation,

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