In the greatest come back in the history of hip hop, Saigon has returned just a month into his retirement.

Ok, maybe it’s not the greatest come back. It was pretty obvious, he wasn’t going to quit for good.

Here is his blog post on myspace where he originally quit.

I still feel the same way I did a month ago when I expressed how I felt about the state of Hip Hop..I still feel it needs a major makeover ..I expressed this to my team and what they said was ‘If not you Saigon, then who’? Then I started to think about all the schools I went to to talk to the kids about Gang Prevention and Prison Reform. I thought about one of my closest friends mother, who is a teacher at one of the worst schools in Camden N.J. and how she rewards them by bringing me up there to talk to the kids…

…If I have to ever go back to prison, It shouldnt be over me hurting someone over what set they claim, or over a drug war, or cause somebody dissed me or some stupid shit like that, NO..It should be over the handling of the ones who continuously push this poison onto our children…This way I will feel personally justified everyday..And please dont take it as me making threats, I dont make threats…Im sorta like a suicide bomber for black children, If I have to give my life to save the lives of our children then geuss what? I will…

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