The Rhode Island emcee detailed the trip on his Facebook page. “In January I went to Durban, South Africa to assist in the treatment and care of orphans with HIV. I was part of a group of poets who were asked to connect with the children, write poems for them, and help tell their story to the world.”

The trip was part of a documentary, directed by musician and filmmaker Jamie Catto.

“This project was filmed for a documentary directed by Jamie Catto which will probably be released in 2012,” explained Sage, according to “In the meantime, I’m still collecting my thoughts on everything I learned & experienced while in SA. I’m missing the kids like crazy right about now.”

Catto provided details regarding the film as well. “I first heard about this EMFS (electro magnetic field system) machine from my Mum who is passionate about all non-drug therapies. She told me it was a machine that sent out a non-invasive, harmless frequency that scientists had discovered disrupted the four major common proteins in the HIV virus and that this stopped the virus in its tracks and left it unable to replicate thereby releasing the infected person’s body to heal itself properly again and protect itself with white blood cells.”

Catto’s documentary, which is to be titled 1 KID, takes stock of the visual results of the treatment, but will not focus on the scientific outcomes.

Below are photos from Sage’s visit.

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