Royce Da 5’9 stated that he is very prepared for when the opportunity presents itself to get Slaughterhouse signed to Shady Records. This could be one of the biggest news stories of 09, in a year, that really has been particularly light with hip hop news. I’m hoping that something can be worked out before the end of the year and we can get an idea of what is possible. The biggest dilemma that I see with this situation is Slaughterhouse enjoys the freedom of their movement so much, obviously, a big label, could potentially ruin that in five minutes when Dr.Dre and Eminem get involved in their projects. Tell me what your opinions on the deal is. I still want to see it happen, I’m just putting that out there as a possible conflict to an other wise perfect scenario.

I’ve been talking to Em and Paul for a long time,” Royce added. “With this particular situation, things are falling into place. Everything is in place where it’s supposed to be. I’m very prepared [for] when the opportunity presented itself. It’s a time where there’s things they need over here and certain things we need in order to move over there. I think it’s a good marriage. Like I said, I just hope it can happen.”

Source: Royce Confirms Shady Record Deal?

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