Reupspot presents a new mixtape featuring some great underground artists including Charles Hamilton, Vince Staples, Lavish, Yung Nate, and many more.




1. Fin – C.B.TV
2. Heartbreaker – PreMiere
3. OooohhHH Ft. Charles Hamilton – Yung Nate
4. Run It – Milk
5. Money to Blow – The Dropouts
6. The Highest – A.L.I.E.N.S.
7. Take You To The Top Ft. Charles Hamilton – Yung Nate
8. What’s up Money – Young Brizz
9. Big Wheels Ft. P.ersonal, Quest, Barz Vic, Amor Jones – Thelonious
10. Underline Fresh – S.I.R.
11. A Day in my Life – Psyko South
12. Mary Tyler Moore – Jay Curry
13. Across The Room – Vince Staples, Lavish, & Steve Sincere
14. Exit Here – A.Dd+
15. Future Sound – No Future
16. Frank Ramz – Not Too Far


What does this project stand for? – As you know our government has handed out several of its own bailouts for the economy. It is now time for hip hop to be given a bailout delivered by its artists. A bailout from the negativity of the recession. A bailout away from ringtone rap. A bailout from washed out fads. A bailout that will signify what hip hop truly stands for.A bailout that will prove the upcoming artists have the talent for mainstream attention. A bailout which sways the attention from billboard charts and gives it to the hard working,independent artists that have been on a constant grind.



Props: Reupspot, home of exclusive hip hop music.

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