The new Rakim cd with a couple new tracks and some tracks that weren’t released has leaked to the internet.

It’s good to see this album, it would be better to see “The Seventh Seal”.

We will hype that album out when it gets close to dropping.

Illest Lyrics will keep you updated with all the latest news and music from Rakim.


01. Hip Hop

02. Love 4 Sale

03. Word On The Street

04. It’s Nothing

05. It’s Been A Long TIme

06. My Melody

07. Don’t Sweat The Technique

08. Follow The Leader

09. Ghetto

10. Guess Who’s Back?

11. What’s On Your Mind?

12. Remember That

13. It’s Nothing

14. Saga Begins

15. Move The Crowd

16. Paid In Full

17. I Know You Got Soul

18. I Ain’t No Joke

19. Juice (Know The Ledge)

20. Mahogany

21. Eric B. Is President

22. Microphone Fiend

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