Q-Tip and Actor/director Michael Rapaport seem to still be going at it over an upcoming documentary on legendary Hip-Hop group A Tribe Called Quest. The battle continued last night, over the contents of the film.

Q took to his Twitter account earlier this morning (January 21st) and responded to Rapaport’s recent comments on Q-Tip’s lack of support for the documentary, which is slated to be shown at The Sundance Film Festival.

“The director of the film cannot speak to what is in my head abt the documentary,” Q-Tip tweeted. “nor can this director EVER say the i dont speak for the group. when i say i do then belive [sic] me i do tribe is no different than any other collective. we experience bumps bruises and disagreements then and we still do.”

Rapaport is directing the documentary on A Tribe Called Quest, through interviews, archival footage and behind-the-scenes clips. The documentary chronicles the group’s inception to their present-day status as icons in the world of Hip-Hop.

Q-Tip first voiced his dissatisfaction with the documentary in December, when he revealed he would not support the film because “the filmmaker” did not “respect the band’s wishes’ regarding certain scenes in the film.

Last week in an interview with MTV News, Rapaport defended the documentary’s contents and surmised that the Q-Tipdid the little Twitter thing” because he may have gotten “a little nervous” about the film’s release.

I think the reason he did his little Twitter thing was because when he realized that the movie was coming to completion and going to get seen by people,” Rapaport said.

Q-Tip shot down that notion of nerves. The rapper, who has 20-plus years of experience in music business, said that he would simply not be taken “advantage” of regarding his complaints about the film and possible changes.

Knowing our history and our messages in our music we will NEVER be taken advantage of like we were in the past. we dont care who it is,” Q-Tip tweeted.

And while the public spat between Rapaport and Q-Tip over the documentary continues, Q-Tip was sure to remind fans that he was humbled by the interest shown in A Tribe Called Quest’s story.

We are truly thankful for your interest in our music and your interest in this flattering look at our career,” Q-Tip said.

Q-Tip is currently working on an untitled book, but no more details are available about the upcoming project as of press time.

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