A recent poll conducted by SOHH has revealed that 70% of music consumers surveyed admitted that they don’t buy CDs as much as they once did because they are “not inspired by many albums.”

The survey, which included feedback from music consumers between the ages of 12 and 35, was conducted in light of the recent 32% drop in overall CD sales. According to the survey, 76% say that “many good songs throughout the album” is the number one factor that makes them want to buy an album. By contrast, only 18% say a “connection with an artist outside of music,” inspires them to buy albums.

The survey also pointed out that 82% of the participants revealed that they have found themselves purchasing less full albums than in recent years.

When asked if they would ever download an album for free instead of purchasing it, a resounding 67% responded with a yes, with an almost identical amount at 68% of those polled saying that they would still buy an album they’ve already downloaded for free if they enjoy the music.

The industry as a whole has been feeling the crunch of the recent dip in sales, as it has been effecting the bottom lines of many major labels. As previously reported by SOHH, storied hip-hop label Def Jam recently let go of many of its employees including the entire staff of Roc La Familia, which handled the label’s international promotions.

The recent findings of the survey seem to echo the sentiments of Brooklyn’s own Talib Kweli, who in an exclusive interview with SOHH, pointed out that a lot of music is continuing to sit on the shelves because of its lack of both quality and substance.

“If you look at the CD sales of rappers who are talking about that stuff, it’s on the decline. It’s been on the decline for years. And it’s not because it’s misogynistic, and it’s not because they calling them hoes, it’s because a lot of it ain’t good,” said Kweli. “The art of the music has suffered where everyone wanted to get in the game and just hustle. There’s nothing wrong with hustling and getting your money, but when no one focuses on the art, when the art means nothing then people are gonna stop buying.”

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