The Chocolate Boy Wonder sat down with VIBE and spoke on everything, from “Mecca & The Soul Brother” to “The World Is Yours” and everything in between. Here’s a snippet of what he said on one of the better of the G.O.O.D. Music offerings, The Joy:

“Now what really fucked me up was Jay-Z being on it. I’m going to tell everybody right now. I had no clue that Kanye was going to do that. Because the way we were working on the song it was just him on it. And I jumped on it and did my adlibs. Then my man Young Guru called me and was like, ‘Yo Pete…I got a surprise for you.’ He played it for me over the phone. At first I couldn’t hear Jay’s voice too good. Guru is like, ‘You heard it?’ I’m like, ‘Nah..’ I was driving so I didn’t want to get pulled over by the cops so I just stopped the car. I heard Jay’s verse and I almost had a heart attack [laughs]! I was like, ‘Is that fucking Jay-Z??? Finally, I can’t believe it.’ But then when ‘The Joy’ didn’t come out on Kanye’s album people on Twitter and Faceback were like they brought his album because they thought it was going to be on there. But hey…maybe it will be on Watch The Throne.”

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