Paypa is just another brother from the streets trying to make it, well, his label has been indicted as part of a huge cocaine ring, an operation that is said to be trafficked from Southern California to Baltimore using private jets.

According to police, Charles Ransom Jr. and Ricky Brascom, 28, owners of Behind Da Scenes Entertainment, were part of a ring that included Darrin Ebron, owner of the Goodlife American Clothing brand.

When they were arrested earlier this month, police seized over 300 kilograms of cocaine and $1.1 million in cash.

Police are accusing Ransom and Brascom of operating the drug ring, imported hundreds of pounds of cocaine into the United States from Mexico, and then sold the drugs in Baltimore, sending the money back to Southern California.

According to the Associated Press, members of the drug ring smuggled the drugs by chartering private jets at a cost between $20,000 and $50,000.

The men then funded lavish lifestyles. Brascom even lived in a gated community near famed Hip-Hop producer Dr. Dre.
Even after investigators seized over 50 kilograms of cocaine during an undercover operation in February, the drug ring continued to operate and smuggle cocaine across the country.

It’s amazing what greed will do to you,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Rob Villeza. “They knew something was going on, but the next day they were doing it again. They were not prepared to stop.”

Paypa recently inked a deal with SRC/Universal, the label home to Akon, Lady Gaga, T-Pain and others, he was also featured in a recent issue of Vibe.

Paypa’s preparing to release a new mixtape titled Tunnel Vision 2: Ramadan Season and his major label debut, Feel Good Music.

If convicted, each defendant faces a sentence of life in prison.

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