Pastor Troy who responsible for a bunch of albums but finally got a break with his album Universal Soldier has a new album. Support the artist and cop it.



01. Introduction To A Gladiator
02. Putcha Sign Up!!!
03. All On The Floor!!!
04. If U Pull
05. Ball Ya Fist Up!!!
06. Snitch Skit
07. Snitch
08. Where Were You???
09. Bad Guy
10. Thang Thru (Feat. Mr. Fatface And Mr. Mudd)
11. On The Top
12. Addicted
13. DopeBoy (Feat. Ralph)
14. Can I Be Her Man
15. Bodyguard
16. Textin’
17. What Da Deal, Boo? (Remix)
18. 10 Pimp Commandments (Feat. Pimpin’ Ken)

Leak Date

November 7th, 2008

Release Date

November 18th, 2008

Release Date

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