A new mixtape from Nickelus F with 19 tracks of goodness. You can check out the cover, download the mixtape, and see the tracklist after the jump.




01. Thank You Into
02. I Get It In
03. Stackin’
04. Let The Bass Go
05. Heavy Wrist
06. Digital (feat. T-Pain)
07. For Me Dollars (feat. JR The Great)
08. Who’s The Man (feat. Conrizzle & Ivory)
09. Yell Something
10. Doobey In The Ash Tray 2009 (feat. Devin The Dude)
11. GoodBye Mary Jane Interlude
12. Ballad For The Smokers
13. Stick 2 Stacks
14. Colors
15. County Boyz Freestyle (feat. JR The Great)
16. Chuuch (feat. Jo Doja)
17. Face In The Wind (feat. Radio B)
18. Put It In The Air
19. Thank You Outro


Nickelus F – Thank You (Mixtape)

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