The Doctor is ready to see you now…

First came the prognosis, second came the decade of emptiness. Third came that horrible bootlegged track “Under Pressure” — something that sounded like it needed to be put under a moving vehicle. Then came the interviews, the nervous-looking excuses, the claims of being in the studio, working hard on giving the fans what they want. Well, after almost 4,000 days of waiting,  the Detox is finally KICKING IN!!!

Director Joseph Kahn recently spilled the beans that the video for this is coming really soon, but like the spoiled brats we are, we get the rumored first single off Detox today.

The hook would obviously  sound better with Nate Dogg, but he is still suffering from a severe stroke that almost left him completely brain-dead, so Akon steps in and adds a little pop to it. It has a real old school sound, something you should not be surprised with. Enjoy, don’t sleep on the “Kush.”

Click here to listen and download.


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