The A.M.E. Comp. Album cover

So after nearly 2 years of talking about it…we finally came to piece together an A.M.E. mixtape featuring all of the artists from the Anger Manij’ment label, past and present. From lyrical exercises to club tracks…this album has it all. The current roster of Kurse, HKX, Viral, Jaie Young, Lady X, Ekoms & KO bring their own flavor to the table, as well as former A.M.E. member G-Baby, and the newest talent to the label…Loon E Lou. It doesn’t end there though…other featured local talents come through on a few select tracks just to spice things up. You’ll hear from Black Trav, Yung Blaze & Anonymous as well. Definitely a note-worthy mixtape to keep in the ride for the summer of 2010.

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