Nas sat down with Kings Magazine for a feature article in this months issue.

Of course, this isn’t the interview in it’s entirety, but it’s more than enough to make it interesting.

Well, you guys were taking shots at each other.

On a song I did on my second album, Tupac thought it was about him, but it was really toward Biggie.

“The Message”?

[Nods] From the first lines all the way to “One life, one love, there can only be one king.” That was specifically going in that direction. The whole fucking song, really. Tupac was not even on my radar for going at him.

Tupac thought it was about him because of that line, “I got stitched up and left the hospital that same night.”

Nah, this is Queensbridge activities I am rapping about. I’m with dudes who have bullets in them, who just left the hospital, [and] we ride around smoking weed. So this is in my raps. We were in New York going at it. We weren’t even thinking about no other place—Cali, Georgia, nothing.

I didn’t think you were going at Biggie.

He did.

What did he say to you about it?

“Your reign on the top was short like leprechauns.” [Laughs]

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