Nas is never one to shy away from political issues. During an interview with on the heels of his upcoming UK tour with Damian Marlery, Nas was asked to share his opinion on the uprising in Libya.

As far as God’s Son is concerned, Libyan leader Moammar Ghadhafi is getting a bad rap.  “I never saw Gadhafi as an enemy, like a deadly enemy that wanted to harm people for no reason,” he said. “I kind of see him as someone who is misunderstood.”

Over the last month rebel units have waged a war against the despot, following the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia. Although it’s hard to pinpoint an exact figure, The New York Times reports that death toll estimates are in the thousands and will only continue to rise, with no ending to the conflict in sight.

“I think a revolution in Libya is important and I just hate to see that the people are against [Gadhafi] or he has to be against [them],” Nas continued. “I hate to see any violence between him and his people, I just don’t like that.”

Asked if he thinks the US should get involved, the Queens-bred rapper replied: “Intelligently yes, I think they could intervene so that there could be peace y’know and some understanding and sure if they can help.”

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